the adventure update 1.8 new mobs

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the adventure update 1.8 new mobs

Post by zse4rffb on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:37 am

1st things 1st heres notch sneak peak to 1.8
Trickling information about the Adventure Update

Since 1.8 is still a significant time away, we’re going to have to stop being as secretive about it as we have. We’ll provide information about it as we go, but we’ll keep actual details secret. So, for example, we could say “added two new colors” without saying which ones, or “testing experience and leveling to see if it’s fun” without giving details on exactly how it works.

The update is pretty big, and will change a lot of how Minecraft is played, focusing on making exploration and combat much more rewarding, and bringing in a bigger sense of adventure to the game.

Already implemented are new complex terrain features, at least one new mob, some interesting new combat mechanics, a new lighting engine, and some experimental new gameplay ideas. To come is more interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore, and npc villages.

so what do you think
what new combat mechanics?
your ideas on new mobs
npc villages?(posibley simular to millanere mod)
new crops?
new gamplay mechanics
harcore mode you die worlds gone
realistic mode you have a food and water meter
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