Thanndrelic's Application/Introduction

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Thanndrelic's Application/Introduction

Post by Thanndrelic on Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:42 pm

Hi, My name is Connor(Thanndrelic). I am 15, Apprentice Blacksmith, but hoping to be a Architect when i have my degree. I joined, and was Immediantly greeted by Kevin98770, So i support him as a moderator. I wanted to Apply for the Highbuilder or Moderator position, but i'm not exactly sure how i was supposed to apply. So here i am going to give my info, What I've built, How i have helped, Can help, etc.

I used to have my owner server for about a year and a half, with about 650 people; I know the trouble and agitation you can get from people pestering you for help or diamond etc. I help people with griefing problems, stealing, cursing, spawn-killing, any foul play, and other problems. I am extremely friendly, but pretty serious at times when it comes to being a mod,admin,high-builder, whatever position you may give to me. I was also a Admin in two other servers that have a good amount of people on them. They were pretty tough on me, but i still was a great help. I quit because everything i built was griefed by players. For my builds, I've built many things that are great, but two things that I am proud about is the Temple of Grace that i made a short while ago, and the Brexingford Manor(Self-Named and created). If you need any more info, or have any questions to ask me, email me at or Talk to me in-game, i will be on your server for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you also want pictures of the buildings, just ask again. I will supply them for whoever is reading this.

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