Server Rules and Information [please read!]

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Server Rules and Information [please read!]

Post by Totimomonon on Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:48 pm

Official Rules for the New Earth Minecraft Server:

1. Do not grief! This also includes attempting to destroy structures with fire, water, lava, TNT, or with tools.
2. Do not steal other players items!
3. Be respectful and friendly!
4. Do not attack other players if they do not want to fight. You are allowed to defend yourself and your things.
5. Do not use any cheats, hacks or mods like fly- ,speed- or inventory-hacks.
6. Do not use fire to quickly remove things.
7. Do not spam!
8. Place signs with [Private] in the first row next to your chest to make it locked for other players.
9. Please do not cut just a part of a tree. If you're going to cut down a tree, cut the whole thing down.
10. Register as a user of this forum to become a Highbuilder.

A Highbuilder is allowed to build everywhere and use some commands: Ranks

This is a new Minecraft Survival Server with Bukkin Plugins. But there will be freebuild events and many other things.

Server IP:

A special thanks to Geran30 for designing this forum!

If you have a problem with the server or a player on the server (girefing, not observing thr rules...) click this link and open a new topic!

Please click here and register as a user of this forum!

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