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List of plugins

Post by Demonnyte on Tue May 10, 2011 2:33 pm

I got this list from the internet, maybe u like some of them ( if u dont have them already Very Happy)

CommandHelper - Must be the first plugin in plugin list to work. Repeats last command with "/."
Stats - Must be before Achievements to make it work. Records stats of players, how many blocks they've broken, created, playtime etc.
Achievemenets - Players earn achievements as they play, for example, mining 1,000 stone. Rewards such as 1 gold for earning a specific achievement can be configured.
AfkKick - If users go AFK for more than 5-15 minutes I think, they will get automatically kicked by inactivity. Can be also configured to kick only if the server is full.
BackupPlugin - Typing /backup ingame makes a backup.
BedrockGapInsurance - The bedrock deep below will be smooth with no holes in it. Can also be configured so that the 4 layers of bedrock turn into one layer of smooth bedrock, rest being stone.
BigBrother - You're going to like this one. Automatically revert any damage/edits done by a griefer with /rollback command.
BlockBall - This is kind of a soccer game plugin, where goals are marked by redstone ores and diamond ores for red and blue teams.
BlockDoor - Automated doors, traps, showers, anything you can imagine that will trigger by a lever, button or entering an area. Great replacement for redstone.
BorderLands - Some people like this, some people hate it. I'm in the gray area. With this plugin, no players can go past the border, let's say, 500 blocks away from the spawn. This way they can focus more on building in a city or similar. Admins can be configured to be exempt.
ChestCapsule - Kind of an alternative way of protecting chests, this one seals them with bedrock and only the owner can unseal it. Never personally used much on the server but this one doesn't need a moderator with CuboidPlugin to protect your chests and stuff Razz
Clean - Mods are able to peek in inventories with this plugin, remove items from others or clean it completely. Also gives users ability to clean their own inventory.
CmdAlert - Last time I checked (2 days ago or something), this one was broken but there may be a newer version by now. You can configure this plugin to alert moderators of any commands normal players use or just some commands such as /tp or /msg for whispers.
CraftBook - One of every server's favorite ones. Bridges, gates, lightswitches, trees drop apples, working shelfbooks, shelfbooks drop shelfbooks etc.
Craftsman - I also like this one's dismantle option. Giving everyone access to /dismantle makes them able to break glass, stairs etc. carefully, so they don't break when hit, instead they'll drop stairs or glass. If your server is using a plugin that destroys tools on drop, this plugin can also be configured to repair tools with flint or gravel.
CreeperNerf - From Rel, the creator of CuboidPlugin. Creepers won't explode above ground but they still hurt. Underground though, in caves, they are as destructive as before.
CuboidPlugin - You all know this. Chest protection, build very quickly, repair areas, protect areas etc.
DalaJail - Jailed players can't use commands until released. There is also a config which I haven't personally tested, if it's on, jail can be escaped.
DalaRank - /promote, /demote. Simple as that.
DalaSetGroup - /promote, /demote offline I think. Also able to /setgroup if you want to set the group by name.
DeathNotify - Server will announce if someone has died and in what way, for example if player would step in lava: "Bob put his hands in the toaster" or "Bob just turned into obsidian". Death messages can also be configured.
DSMail - Send short messages, even if the player is offline.
FluxWhisper - Replaces /msg with /w and /r, where /w is whisper and /r reply. This way people can quickly reply to the last person without writing their name.
Graceful Reboot - Instead of getting an ugly Java error on restart, this plugin tells everyone "Server is rebooting, please reconnect to ServerName @ IP!" where the message can be changed.
GriefAlert - You all know this. Our lovely Rel developed this plugin so moderators will get alerted of any suspicious acts, such as placing fire, TNT, bedrock or using lighters, breaking diamond blocks etc.
Hungry - This is a very interesting plugin. Want more realism? Get this. Players must eat regularly, otherwise they will get hungry and eventually starve to death. Custom values to decrease or increase hunger can be configured but I couldn't get these to work since there are no instructions on how to use them. Oh, and you can eat swords just for fun if you feel like so.
iConomy - Currency. Enough said. Preset currency can be found here!
Immortal - Makes you invincible, if a player tries to hit you, they will get told that the player is immortal. I still prefer WorldGuard's "/god" mode. There are so many plugins that can do this.
infiniteLava - Careful with this one. This one can stop lava flowing completely like it did on our server. What it's supposed to do is to work like water so that infinite springs are possible with lava.
iPinata - Silly Mexican minigame. Hit a pinata with a stick for items when the event is on.
iStick - Nearly a must have. Replaces GriefAlert's degriefstick. While degriefstick removes the block, this plugin gives it to your inventory. Alternatively, you can toggle iStick to only destroy blocks, not to receive them.
KillPlayer - I've never had the bug where a player would be invincible and invisible and can't pick up items, but this plugin will kill a player, group, everyone or multiple players.
LeafDropper - I prefer to change the default settings from "decay from log" to "decay from leaves". Delogging a tree/Hitting leaves will decay them, dropping any sapplings too.
ListColors - Names are colored in /who and /playerlist. There have been a few mods that could do this but it seems they don't work anymore? Probably Llamacraft.
Llamacraft - Disables fire, TNT, lighter and stuff. I still prefer to use WorldGuard, mentioned later on.
lottery - /lottery takes away a specific amount of materials and takes a random item from lottery-prizes.txt, where percent % of item(s) can be configured. Already included in iConomy, but this is a good replacement.
MagicCarpet - Almost a must have. Players with access to /magiccarpet or /mc will be able to fly a flying 5x5 magic carpet made of glass. Similar to flymod.
MagicSpells - Pretty simple ones. Ability to walk on water etc.
MagicTricks - Nearly the same as above, but magic must be learned from advanced wizards or from spellbooks. Magic also has a cost, which is redstone dust by default.
MCDocs - Can't quite remember, it's still similar to a Reader plugin which reads .txt files from server.
MCRules - Adds /rules, /news and /motd commands. /motd is overridden by the one found in Hey0's mod.
MinecartMania - This is no longer a .class server modification, it's now a plugin that can be disabled too. You all know this. Minecart boosters are replaced by gold, brakes can be used such as Nether's slowsand etc.
MineDeep - Shows the altitude in a sign.
MineGate - Nether gates work as portals, though in same world only.
MonoPort - Same as above, but they don't necessarily have to be nether gates and easier to use. Never tested since Hey0 b117.
StarGate - Similar to the both of two above. Uses iron blocks.
MineTrade - Never personally tested, chests can be physical shops with this.
MiniGames - King of the Hill and many minigames.
MsgB - Signs can contain a lot more information with this plugin. It's purpose is a message board which can easily be changed.
npcs - Consider getting this one. This is a new plugin that I haven't been able to test yet. Npcs can talk to you (Useful for giving hints), trade with you etc. There's a replacement plugin for this, which I can't remember for now, it would require MySQL anyway.
LogBlock - Haven't tested since it requires MySQL. You can check who made an edit to block, for example, if you see a dirt pillar or a griefed house, you can check from the logs who edited that block. 100% quaranteed to catch a griefer.
nullRoll - Almost a must have. Adds coin flipping and dices, also great for casinos and gambling :3
Parties - If you have a PvP server, this plugin allows/disables friendly fire. Never tested due lack of time.
PetPlugin - Well... err... umm... it... adds pets to the game. They can mine for you. A bit dumb plugin that also announces it's on when you login.
PushBlocks - Never used due lack of time. You can push blocks. Similar to BlockDoor, you can make secret walls etc.
QuickPort - My favorite. Clicking with a compass teleports to where you're looking at. Also able to teleport through a wall.
Reader - Very useful with iConomy and other stuff. Reads .txt files and makes them as commands. If I'd have juze.txt and the first line says "Prints ASCII art by Juze", it would appear in /help as "/juze - Prints ASCII art by Juze".
RecursErase - Again, never tested due lack of time. What I think is that this plugin removes pillars with a leaf block (Can be changed). Basically, it removes every block stacked on above of that block you click. If you destroy the middle one, half of the pillar will destroy etc. Can be turned on and off?
SaveReloadPlugin - I found this from somewhere, it's an improved way to tell players that the world is saving. Instead of causing 3 seconds of lag on save, this plugin informs "[Server] World save in progress... save complete".
SearchIds - "/search iron" prints out all item IDs which have "iron" in their name. Works with every name, such as "/search compass". Auto-updated every time on server restart.
SignPrintf - Ability to show server time, ingame time, date, year, month, day in signs.
SlowHeal - Name says it. If health is enabled, this plugin can be configured to slowly heal you. How fast and how many hearts, it can be configured too. CuboidPlugin on other hand can be set so that some areas heal you.
SnowBreak - Snow works like it's supposed to be with this plugin, just like in singleplayer. Gives snowballs.
SpleefPlugin - Never had time to test this, but it's supposed to instantly delete blocks when clicked in spleef arenas. How many players can join a game, arena where this is allowed, countdown, ability to kick players from Spleef arena etc, this has it all. I've been using BlockDoor plugin to repair Spleef arenas, but this one should do the same too.
Superheat - Gold and golden tools finally get a purpose. Users with access to /superheat can turn golden pickaxes to smelt every time instantly to what they mine. Combine with WorldGuard's "destroy item on drop" configuration, players can't drop and pick their golden tools to abuse this plugin.
TeleConfirmLite - If your server should allow teleporting, use this. Players with access to /tpc will send a request to teleport, the other guy being teleported to can accept or deny it.
Teleport - Some teleporting commands to coordinates or something.
Teleport++/TeleportPP - Same as above.
ThrowBuild - Players can "drop" blocks on ground with Q. When a player does /throwbuild and drops blocks, they will appear to where they're aiming instead. Building from far away!
TimeRift - My favourite. Permament day/night.
tpToggle - By default, lower ranks can't teleport to higher ranks, for example moderators can't teleport to admins. Also ability to block teleporting and /tphere completely with /tptoggle. Override commands for admins/mods exists, which ignore the teleblock. They work with /tpo and /so and so on.
vminecraft - A chat plugin, ability to add color in messages. Also includes a few more features. Doesn't work with other chat plugins.
LocalChat - A chat plugin, players can only talk and hear other players withing X radius. Doesn't work with other chat plugins.
GroupChat - Chat channels, seems there's an option for localchat.
Towny - Never tested. Protected towns, kings, queens, residents, peasants, thieflings, building a city costs money etc.
Warn - Mods can issue warnings with /warn. When a player is warned, they can't move or build. They can move and build again when they acknowledge the warning with /acknowledge.
WorldEdit - Stop all fire in world, slaughter all mobs, repair an area from backup, very similar to CuboidPlugin.
WorldGuard - This is definetly a must-have and it replaces Llamacraft completely, plus, it does a lot more. Control lava, can lava set fires, which block lava can flow on, can fire be used, which blocks will fire spread to or does it spread at all, disable TNT, lighter, creepers, how does water work, does water work just like in classic, enables sponges, does sand/gravel fall etc.

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